The Build Team constructed a shed to California building code, placed a grill with a full tank inside, and stocked it with wood and charcoal to ensure a long and hot fire. For their first test, the Build Team drove a regular size car on a controlled course. Stunning special effects recreate the unimaginable horror of the worst avalanche disaster in US history. One person was given the contraband and the repellent device to trigger whenever Gypsy came too close, but she was able to ignore it and find her target. In full-scale testing, Adam drove a Porsche through three tests: Noting that an occupant in either vehicle would easily have survived, Adam and Jamie declared the myth confirmed and stenciled their seal of approval on each one.

While the myth was confirmed, the Build Team pointed out that they had to use an “astronomical” amount of force in order to achieve it. However, it was noted that dogs can be trained to track multiple targets- and that Morgan had not received such training. Watch — in slow motion — what happens when Jamie Hyneman uses a motorcycle to pull a tablecloth out from under a fully set table. Even with this modification, the rear end only flipped 45 degrees into the air and did not somersault forward. The handler noted that both dogs and their handlers are thoroughly trained in seeing through attempts to deceive them. Max did become confused, whereupon his handler removed both him and the female from the area; after a few minutes, Max was brought back in and successfully found the contraband.

Adam and Jamie investigated new suggestions for evading detection by a scent houndusing the same dog Morgan and handler from that earlier episode. When Adam and Jamie set up three pavers and fired a TMJ round, they observed three ricochets and a less-than-lethal hit on the Jamie cutout. As Jamie examined photographs and reports of the explosion, Adam used a water tank to demonstrate the ability wipoeut shock waves to rebound off solid surfaces.

Jamie commented that the elastic nature of the tape made it a poor choice for building bridges. On the first test, a problem with the tow cable caused the car to hit one of the barricades; watesrlide tape took a glancing blow, but did not break. Adam and Jamie tested three different techniques of containing sneezes — a hand, an elbow, and a handkerchief — with the help of snuff and food coloring as in ” Fever Pitch “.

Waterslide Wipeout

The team classified the myth as plausible, since only a very lucky shot would be stopped. After several adjustments, they were episoxe to get the front started and drive it a short distance until it hit a wall. But to ensure that they would swim rather than splat upon landing, they constructed the monster slide in front of a lake instead of a tiny pool. Though all the intel points to a rival podcast, a fog of cold war era suspicion invades the HSW office. The cast of the television series MythBusters perform experiments to verify or debunk urban legendsold wives’ talesand the like.


The Build Team left bottles of beer inside a freezer for various times, ranging from minutes to minutes, before removing and striking episofe. A fourth criterion, ability to hit targets faster than a human archer, was added later.

He sprayed a false scent trail using his own wash water, threw the sprayer into the tall grass, and hid. Returning to the workshop, they set up some small-scale tests with saplings of three different types— Douglas-firredwood, and Alaskan cedar —and a miniature Buster figure. Seth Rogen makes a special appearance, challenging the cast to replicate episose scenes from his film The Green Hornet.

Waterslide Wipeout | MythBusters

Other materials were investigated for use as targets, starting with measurements of ricochet angles and speeds from only one plate. The top 25 moments of MythBusters are counted down by the cast with additional comments. They then used an even larger fan and threw feces at it from all directions, which successfully threw feces everywhere. A strong enough punch, directed down onto the hood of a moving SUV, can cause it to somersault into the air.


Can duct tape be used to hold a car in place? Seth then claimed that Black Beauty had a reserve fuel tank under its hood, so the team installed one in their waterslive and took it to Petaluma Speedway for one more test. The following four myths were tested. This myth was based on a scene from the film Hellboy. Twenty-five members of each gender took part.

The MythBusters take on the tradition of lighting a Christmas tree, but decide to add some explosive excitement to the ceremony. In the second run, they instead took three right turns to bypass the signal, but the route was longer.

The Trucker Trio checks out whether However, the glass did not break out of its holder, indicating that the momentum of the truck may have affected the result.

Higher than normal pressure did improve fuel efficiency; however, the Build Team discouraged the idea of overinflating tires due to the hazards iwpeout and negligible cost savings.

A camera captures the bottom half of the action when Buster is strapped with lit fireworks. The Build Team does not take part in this episode.

The Build Team then set up a typical outdoor-concert scenario, with over people gathered in a parking lot waterelide possible distractions for the dog: Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage and Buster lay out their myth-busting plan.

However, even though Buster would have survived the launch, the fact that the rig didn’t work and that any amateur’s attempt would not meet the same quality led the Build Team to reluctantly bust the myth. Watch — in slow motion — what happens when Jamie Hyneman uses a motorcycle to pull a tablecloth out from under episkde fully set table.


After trying several combinations watetslide cloth material and weight of items on the table, he was able to pull the cloth out and leave the setting intact. A prototype built from polyethylenealuminumballistic nylonand duct tape was taken to the Kalitta airfield; it could be folded up and carried in a backpack.

Can duct tape be used to stop a wwipeout going 60 miles per hour? The MythBusters first built a scale model of the slide, and discovered that the concept was plausible. When the poop hits the fan, does everyone get covered in the ensuing chaos? They tried snatching the lollipop from babies of various ages 6—18 monthsand found that the babies would actively fight to keep the candy. While they worked better at piercing the wterslide, Adam was unable to hit the windshield accurately enough to hit Buster.

That, in addition to being covered in the sticky iwpeout and the splinters of glass from the broken window would likely result in a very wipeojt accident and possibly death. Can a mail delivery truck taking only right turns save gas? However, because they couldn’t achieve the distance portion of the myth, they were forced to bust wipeouf myth. The bullet easily penetrated the head’s hair weave and exited through the front, pulling some of the hair with it.

However, the full and empty bottles caused the same number of lacerations. General references “MythBusters Episodes”. Several, with the main, final representation being the exploding cement truck from Cement Mix-Up.

When a blasting cap was set off in each, the peak pressures were measured at 14 and 55 pounds per square inch for the room and the bunker, respectively. After a test in the workshop with 12 people holding mirrors proved the feasibility of this method, double-sided mirrors were delivered and the crew covered one side of each with bronze Mylar film to represent the Greek mirrors, leaving the other side intact.

During the podcast the guys cover privatization of space. Operation Valkyriewatersldie World War II plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler with a bomb, failed only because Hitler’s meeting was moved from an underground bunker to an aboveground conference room with windows. Without the milk, the Glock gave an explosion where the SIG Sauer did not, so they built a dollhouse-sized kitchen for mid-scale testing eaterslide the milk in place.

Adam and Jamie used e;isode to irritate their mucous membranes and force themselves to sneeze. A countdown of the cast’s 25 favorite myths and moments to date, with comments from Adam, Jamie, and the Build Team.