You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. Please contact us for specific setup inquiries. A selection of fixed bleed jets are available for the non-adjustable version. Nothing leaks from the shock. I really didn’t want to struggle getting it in place given that once it’s in place you need to slide the bolt through a safety washer and two grade 8 washers on each side. Why do you even need specialized shocks? As can be seen in the picture to the right both the shock absorber body and the hydraulic lift ram are sitting on the lower control arm. We recommend that the air pressure in your shocks be checked before every race.

Electronic Controllers Ball Joints. A selection of fixed bleed jets are available for the non-adjustable version. The wide adjustment range makes this shock easily adaptable to varying track conditions. Rebound adjusters are the ‘knob click’ style with 80 clicks; mounted on top end of each shock with red anodized knob. It features a head valve piston to optimize the response time of the damper and allow the use of extremely low gas pressures. We use Maxima Suspension Clean and Speedsolv in our shop. It is easier to bleed the air our of the system if the bleed port is at the top, so I went with that orientation. When that happens, excessive wear occurs.

Steve at Penske also told me that when I reinstalled the spring retainer to “Tighten it until it was snug and then a little more — probably less that 20 lb. The reservoir bracket as supplied is on the left.

I spent a fair amount of time looking for reservoir with AN fittings to no avail. We recommend the following spring rates: Whocks nitrogen that you hear is vacating the body of the inflator. It’s used as follows:. This is accomplished by a parabolic needle valve that adjusts a fluid bypass past a standard shim stack.


Shocks and Hydraulic Lift

The Series is the damper of choice for all levels of professional stock car and oval track racing. We utilize bump stops to shovks us maintain a smaller dynamic platform window for the car. Details Additional Info Details. Penske Series Pens,e Series double adjustable shock absorber provides more adjustability options and features to the serious racer.

The out was to clear to clear the upper mounting bolt for the suspension mounting bracket. To solve these issues I purchased two -4 AN billet T6 Aluminium quick disconnects which are tested to 15, psi. Sign up for newsletter today. Interior Accessories Shift Knobs.

Serjes upside is that you get to buy more tools and you’re set up to tune the pressure when you go to shake out the car. The series is the latest entry level double adjustable shock absorber from Penske Shocks.

So option one seemed best. DIM “C” Body cap length. The Series double adjustable shock absorber provides more adjustability options and features to the serious racer. Single shaft adjuster options include rebound, compression, or open bleed bypass.

Penske Kappa Double Adjustable Series Racing Shocks, Performance Autowerks

This reduces friction and increases tire grip and driver feel without the dangers of cavitation. As the most diversified Penske shock, the is currently used in all types of applications. Fancy billet bracket http: Our technicians consider a number a variables to ensure you receive a truly custom shock that will perform for your shoocks.

Stillen Airway Ave.

Penske Double Adjustable Drag Shock 83200

Attach the chuck to Schrader valve. Optimal shock and lift ram orientation. As seals, piston bands and o-rings wear out, our bleed curve changes or gets weaker.


Brake Fluid Brake Ducts. It also makes checking the travel way easier. We hope that you find what you are looking for. Now I can sleep better knowing I have a proper AN fitting: A single rebound bleed style adjuster is packaged in the shaft and a twenty clicklinear stepped compression adjuster sereis found in the remote reservoir. Because dirt cars typically see a lot of dynamic shock travel, this can at times produce what we call side loading. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

This results in a low approach angle which causes issues with steep driveways, railroad tracks, trailer ramps, speed bumps, etc. Knowing your shock travels are a crucial part of tuning your race car. It increases un-sprung weight i. Penske Racing Shocks are custom built to your exact specifications. Penske Series The Series is our most popular short track shock option, featuring an aluminum body and nitrogen separator piston for increased performance.

Want to order this item? We recommend the following spring rates:. Springs are something that a lot of racers overlook. Springs assist in exploiting power to the wheels, resulting is more speed, drivability control and consistency.

Be the First to Know. TBD, I need to copy blog post regarding their purpose here.