This is def a first. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She cries and wipes her tears. TB glares at G. I have been consistently overloaded with their cuteness from ep 37 and on. I find this show really endearing and mostly warms my heart. TS chases after her and says wait a minute. I love it so much already!

January 8, at 1: TH introduces himself and says he left a memo last time. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Girl says how clean the car is without even any dust and remarks G must have gotten it washed today. January 8, at 3: January 13, at It seems like the mom has the dad pretty firmly under her thumb, so does that mean that KJ will be the one to leak the truth to J or TH?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here TS says everything is good. He tells her to get in and go to work comfortably in his car. If only he was beside me while watching those scenes which he was very mean, I’m sure he gets a lot of punches and kicks. I was so anxious waiting! When I said it like this, must you do it? But she’s doing a good job. Dad rushes to the hospital.

TB runs over and epiode More than anything I am sorry and I was wrong about the first moment you arrived when dad hesitated— dad…dad is really sorry. I was somewhat OK with them separating since it would make their reconciliation more meaningful, but taking the baby out of the picture is just too sad!


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January 1, at 6: When Y was falling apart after seeing her ex-husband, TP stepped up and let her lean on him. KJ stood there the whole time with an upset look on his face.

So better they solve the problem and after that they can married without any burden. J asks GM how she likes it. The boss comes over and asks what is going on. I literally had to pause the ojak,yo and flail in frustration for a moment. One thing I learn from watching a drama this long is that it is packed with so many great scenes without feeling rushed.

I don’t usually watch the last vrothers episodes of the drama I watch. TP spins a fork and it points to J. When TS and N go home. Tae-bum has his own little newsroom screwball comedy, which serves as a mini-rom-com within the drama as a whole.

She starts to walk away but he continues: She says today she will chose a movie a movie she wants to watch. I clearly settled things with YJ. G places food on her plate and they are all clinking wine glasses but TB motions for her not to drink wine. While I understand her reasons for asking TB to give up some things, I felt that it’s unfair of her. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I am!

TB turns and leaves. For the tent scene when TH went in there and passed out.


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I recommend this drama with my life as stake. Even though I revap Ojakkyo live and have long since finished episods episodes in this post, it’s still nice to look back and read about my favorite scenes.

I can finally put a final stamp on the love I had for you when I was in my 20s. Mom takes J some citrus tea. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. TH elbows TP to be quiet.

Arhazivory January 18, at Mom tells J to sit and tells the dad to sit too. I think she stayed with her own husband because despite her grudge, she loves him, and deep down she probably knows that SY feels the same way about TB. The drama is getting better and better now that the love story between TH and JE is moving faster. Please enter your username or email address. Trust me you won’t regret it. TH changes the subject and asks how TS was found out.

TH walks over and asks: GM mutters about YJ: Even if you tell, you have to pick a separate day.