Contrary to some claims, Comcast does not perform credit checks as part of the application process. This invented requirement that Comcast must somehow validate a benefit by first building out systems and competing head-to-head with TWC is entirely outside of the scope of what is required as a part of the Transaction review — and, in any event, Comcast has shown, and explains again in this section, that access to Comcast products and services will benefit TWC subscribers. Petition to Deny at , If we are going to truly close the digital divide in this country, we need to expand these efforts, as Comcast proposes to do through this transaction. Applicants respond to these individual allegations in part below and more specifically in Section IV. As part of this Opposition and Response, Applicants provide additional evidence and econometric analyses that further demonstrate the benefits that will derive from the Transaction, and also comprehensively rebut the assertions in each of the economic and other reports filed by opponents. Comcast has already connected over 1.

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Even more significant, when Comcast invests, it incentivizes competitors to invest too, fueling the virtuous cycle of investment and reinvestment referenced by Chairman Wheeler in his recent remarks on broadband competition, and benefiting even more Americans. In his attached reply declaration, Dr. Since Comcast launched Internet Essentials during the back-to-school season, it has connected more than 1. The Mediacom super 188 pc camera involves no horizontal consolidation in any relevant market.

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Fortunately, Comcast business services has provided critical services to keep work and innovation flowing. That may or may not mediacom super 188 pc camera so for some consumers. This conclusion follows from the adequacy of slower speeds for many uses, including many video applications, and the fact that the marginal customers who would discipline a price increase mediacom super 188 pc camera likely consider providers offering such lower speeds.


Perversely, this measure penalizes companies such as Comcast that have made substantial capital expenditures over a long period of time and thus have high depreciation expense and rewards companies that do not have a history of substantial capital expenditures and thus have low depreciation expense.

In addition, the transactions would allow Comcast and Charter to better rationalize their geographic footprints, producing efficiencies that will provide more room cameera investment and supsr.

These vague and unproven assertions do not overcome the well-established, pro-competitive benefits of geographic clustering as the Commission has consistently found in prior cases and should therefore be rejected. Unleashing the Wireless Broadband Revolution June 28,available at http: The merged company should have a greater ability mediacom super 188 pc camera spread those fixed costs across a larger customer base, which should in turn foster incentives for investment by the merged entity, as well as other businesses that seek to sell equipment, technology, and services to the merged entity.

Specifically, these benefits include: Although these next-generation advertising technologies may be of most interest to advertisers, Applicants have shown that the increased deployment and adoption of innovative advertising options like DAI and addressable ads will likely benefit content providers and consumers as well. As explained mediacom super 188 pc camera the Public Interest Statement, see Comcast-TWC Public Interest Statement atmediacom super 188 pc camera, and further below, Comcast and NBCUniversal have broadly licensed content and significantly expanded carriage of independent programs, all on reasonable and market-based terms.

This, in turn, will create additional incentives for other ISPs to improve their own broadband services.

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See Project Concord, Inc. It is, therefore, not surprising that the only advertisers who have submitted comments in the docket for this Transaction meediacom enthusiastically support the Transaction and its advertising benefits.

TWC has very few customers at 25 Mbps or higher; thus, Dr. The Commission has repeatedly found that these exact same benefits satisfy the public interest standard in prior license application review proceedings. On the contrary, Comcast is a good competitor and negotiates fairly with NESN as mediacom super 188 pc camera both rates and carriage.


Hispanic Chamber of Commerce]. Educational opportunities simply cannot be mediacom super 188 pc camera in this country if poor children do not have ready access to the Internet.

The new X1 operating system is just one example. In these discussions, the economic declarations of Dr. Greater Business Service Competition.

Comcast both meets the requisite qualifications and has a strong compliance history — including, most recently, in connection with the more than conditions that the Commission adopted in the Comcast-NBCUniversal transaction. Mediacom super 188 pc camera characteristics of this competitive marketplace include the following: For all of these reasons, the record conclusively demonstrates that msdiacom of the Transaction will lead to substantial, verifiable, merger-specific benefits for millions of American consumers and businesses.

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Video is the largest and fastest growing segment of mobile data traffic, and is forecasted to account for over 50 percent of all global mobile data traffic by The answer to that question is that the proposed transaction does not alter the supply alternatives to consumers of broadband.

Although Comcast is always mediacom super 188 pc camera in ways to improve Internet Essentialsmany of the criticisms of the program in the docket are unfounded or patently unreasonable many of these comments are based on inaccurate press reports: Viewers, employees and shareholders have all benefited.

Whatever the basis of that claim, it is plainly not transaction-specific and may, in any event, be addressed by the expansion of Internet Essentials.

This is not unique to Internet Essentials applicants, but to all Comcast services, and thus irrelevant.