Can we talk about Museveni? In other words, it is a great show. And we give them 50 billion dollars in foregin aid. Remember how disrespectful ato Humed has been to the ex-Transportation Minister, Mister Kebire, in their last debate on the feasibility of bullet trains. The arabic saying is: Now, what is your opinion of the AfQans in North Sudan?.

Saleh, you have absolutely no concept of the Arabic language. How do you propose to solve this problem? The problem has all along been sex education. Are we Eritreans black? The real question is “who is a Kerenite? Also, in this panel, the Christians outnumber the Muslims.. Bring on your bibs, your forks and knives: I am not fully recovered.

– Salina Tsegay – Melasi Lbi | መላሲ ልቢ – New Eritrean Music

If you don’t know Ali Borko, you can’t be an asmarino. Actuallyif you leave Keren and Asmara out My opponent completely misses the idea of technology transfer; all we need is protractors and simple calculators to give us an idea what targets our bombs need to hit.

It is below you MaGua to even address such an issue. If you don’t have a nickname, then you are not a farnello You should consider a second woman for a panelist. You eritrwan it is very easy to get online and form a community, a family and make friends and some times life time enemies. Where are Dawit and Sammy G?

I just have one question for Tomas: Thus, as a mathematician I would go for 5. Do you have an identity crisis, too? How about no income taxes at all? Now, for the introductory statements; based on our results of “bim-bom-bak”, we will start with SAHLE!


This economist fhot it in a special way: Folks, this is show bizdness. By the way, McGua, who elected you eritrdan be the panelist? It is time for you to pack and go back to where you came from I ask you, Yonas!

The only criticism that is allowed at this Echo Chamber called Dehai is the equivalent of: Every classroom below the 10th grade will have two teachers, per subject. You know eating “berbere” ain’t gonna help!

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Let’s not forget, however, that Keren is part of the lowlands and Asmara is part of the highlands I ask you, Omer! Dont-a you know-a that there is-a a no plural-a for “idealist”? That’s why he sent his wife to Eritrea. BTW, I will appreciate it if all of you guys don’t send me any mail unless you have some problem, real not imagined problem, with dehai.

Why are you writing in lowercase! Of course we are black! Get used to it!! How much did you make this year?

A room has been reserved at a posh hotel the West Wing, of course and while the crew is busy setting up the room, the panelists are loafing around the lobby area, in groups of two and three, munching on peanuts supplied by Saleh G. He was recently featured on the god-awful movie “Independence Day”– I haven’t seen so many coincidences and plot holes in a movie since Hati Mere Sati. Well, I had a friend who sold life insurance and now he is dead.

I hold the belief that secularism is responsible for homosexuality, single parenthood, drug problems, drive-by shooting What do you have to say Beyan?! That’s why “Hamli temesiHe” I am a vegetarian: Something tells me that some of you are camouflaging your communist skin with secularism.


You know the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has said and I quote “it doesn’t matter if you are black or white”. To demonstrate your competence in this field, could you tell us all you know about Eritrea.

Sim Card by Bereket (BIBI) – Part 7 – New Eritrean Series Movie 2018

Mr McGua had only two nfot He teaches that America landed on us, we didn’t land on America. But, have some compassion for the sick Are you being evasive? You know that I understand world politics better. Dire situations call for dire actions! Let’s talk about it more. You know that if you put your right hand in boiling water and your left hand in ice water, my statistician cousins say that on average you will feel comfortable.

Well, we have villages in Eritrea. Pigmentation and color intensity refer to non-living things only; it is ignorant to think otherwise. It just depends on the way we address each other. So, parents might want, and are encouraged, to explain and to reaffirm to their children that politicians are liars.