Himura then tasers a visibly angered Kirika and takes her from Alice. There proves to be more to the cube than what meets the eye when that night, Haruaki wakes up to a suspicious noise in the kitchen, and discovers a fully naked female rice cracker thief. Declaring all Wathe as “Transcendental”, Alice exclaims that Wathe and their curses are above humans and that Wathe should be free to satisfy their curses on humans. Fear promptly rejects, causing Alice to take her leave. As the two battle, Peavey’s weapon arm is ripped off, causing her to bleed, and Fear to regain her former sadistic demeanor. Haruaki, Harue and Kirika are kidnapped by Alice, who explains just what the Viviolio Families represent.

After Konoha recovers they investigate the situation further. Add to My List. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Haruaki uses this as a distraction and promptly breaks Carnival Cooker with Konoha’s sword form. After Haruaki tells Fear to combat her negative self with positive thoughts and good deeds, Fear tries to help clean the house only to nearly destroy it and make a mess. As Alice is pulled into the Steel Virgin Mary, she asks why she would become a weak, foolish human. Edit Opening Theme 1:

Upon the video’s end, Fear and Konoha immediately refuse Alice’s offer. As they attempt to capture Sovereignty, she flees into the night.

Media Arts Database in Japanese. A former cursed Japanese doll designed to drain her owner’s life force, Kuroe is now completely lifted from her curse and has opened up a famous hair salon. Fear, on the other hand, deals with several clubs trying to pressure her into joining them.

Claiming that thanks to Haruaki that she could become human Fear declares this as her reason to go on living, leaving Alice unable to comprehend it all. Haruaki is called to the sports field fence, where he encounters Sovereignty again, and attempts to convince her to live at his house and break her curse. Kirika retorts, complaining that she feels like just a tool, prompting Himura to agree and accept that fact.

The request moves Kirika, who promptly asks Haruaki to watch what she has been “blackmailed” to do. However, Kirika manages to survive the attack and uses a Cursed Tool in her possession to help finish off a shocked Peavey.

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Alice then states she’ll level the playing field, which Fear calls as a bluff. Fear is able to overcome her fear of spiders, and rescue Haruaki whom is tied up. Haruaki, Harue and Kirika are kidnapped by Alice, who explains just what the Viviolio Families represent. Cubexcursedxcufious and Kirika force Sovereignty off Shiraho, but things only get worse when Sovereignty unwillingly rushes Haruaki with the blade instead.


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Mar 10, Haruaki and Fear are faced with a life-and-death decision when Mummymaker pays them a visit. July 10, [19]. Wracked by guilt over her past actions, Fear runs away. And sometimes, just sometimes, we get a glimpse of the legendary striped anime panties that are shimapan. List of C3 characters. September 10, [6]. Fear, thinking the clones will vanish if she destroys the mirror, rushes the original with her Human Body Perforation Drill configuration, only for one of the clones to intercept it and take the blow, much to Fear’s horror.

Summon the Beasts Baka and Test: The girl introduces herself as “Fear” pronounced “Fia” in Japaneseand Haruaki comes to the conclusion that she is the cube that his father had sent. Upon arriving though the principal informs Fear, and Haruaki via a video recording that the true intention of the trip as there are cursed monsters lurking about. Haruaki and Konoha go up against her alone until Fear, sidelined by Konoha’s demand, exclaims that she is “very selfish” and enters the fight.

The suitcase is empty, so Gabriel revises his request to find it. Konoha has become the next victim of Sovereignty. Kirika takes the blow and Sovereignty flees in a terrified state.

Cubexcursedxfurious, suffering from its curse, has pinned Shiraho to a wall cubexcurrsedxcurious one of its blades. Alice easily holds off Fear and Konoha, while a distraught Haruaki decides enough is enough and pulls his hands through the handcuffs causing him to bleed profusely. Kuroe also reveals she has been targeted by a strange group, which is met with the timely arrival of a strange woman carrying an oversized viola case named Alice. June 7, [22].

Retrieved March 20, Shortly afterwards, while Haruaki and Kirika are working on paper work, she collapses and a panicking Haruaki carries her to the infirmary.

Meanwhile, Konoha tends to Haruaki’s wound and reminds him what it was like for her adjusting to being human and coming to terms with both her good and evil sides. Since Fear won’t join the Vivolio Families, it seems that Alice is retaliating by serial-killing innocent people. Fear exclaims for that reason, she sees humans as the true Transcendentals. December 10, [18]. Ranked Popularity MembersFear, seeing this, fires off one last attack cubexcursedxcuriius stop her along with Kuroe, but both attacks are intercepted by the Wathe who is on board.


Because of this, he will put up with her selfishness and lack of human knowledge.

C3 – Cubexcursedxcurious

Kirika shows up at the Yachi residence, finally deciding to get involved with the situation. Breaking the curse though proves hard as there e;isode organizations that seek to capture or destroy Fear, along with her dark past as a “Cursed Tool” which comes to light.

Someone comes to the rescue Alice introduces herself episods a member of the Vivolio Families, an organisation devoted to worshipping Cursed Tools, stating she simply wants to invite Kuroe to stay with her. Haruaki uses this as a distraction and promptly breaks Carnival Cooker with Konoha’s sword form. Fear explains that she is a Cursed Tool, objects which were used in the past by humans to fill out their evil desires. The trip goes by without a problem until Fear hears someone scream, and large impressions in the ground along with slime is found but nobody is reported to be missing or scared of anything unusual.

Though Fear and the others may have strength in numbers at first, that quickly changes when Alice brings out the Beautiful Suicide Mirror! The reason for Sovereignty attacking others was to temporarily distort the Sovereignty’s power to measure love so that the Killing Organ would be rendered unusable for the time being.

Fear retorts, saying that hurting Haruaki and making her kill a clone of her was too much and promptly disavows Alice’s love for the way she used to be.

January 10, [7]. Frustrated with this development, Alice asks Fear if she knew how much love she had for Fear. A happy moment there turns dangerous when they are attacked by Peavey Barowoi, a sadistic woman from an organization dedicated to exterminating Cursed Tools The Knights of the Battlefrontspecifically Fear, whose full name is revealed to be Fear-In-Cube.

Kuroe follows up and uses her hair to capture the remaining clones, allowing Fear to continue her battle with Alice. Slowly, Fear begins to trust him.