The whole community of the targeted villages is regarded as direct beneficiaries of the project. One water scheme care technician trained. The school will be generating income and be self-sufficient in certain aspects including lunch for its students. This is years off for the family if they were to save, their son only brining in 5, Rs per month. We need your help to enable Nour to sing a little louder today! She has now completed the first year of four and has paid for her own studies including all fees and support costs up until now. Syrian refugees have found huge cuts in their support. This is one less hurdle for us to get through.

Exciting and innovative, the LFCT introduces a new partnership with the Soular Backpack The LFCT are very excited to partner with an innovative solar light product, the Soular backpack and with your help together, we can provide backpacks to children across Ethiopia. Mallewa Head of Medical Wards , Dr. In acute drought conditions they have to migrate in search of water. The plant would be used by the nearby community and schools as there simply is no other option for clean water. Development, adaptation and promotion of appropriate water and sanitation technology. Tahoun evil recent episode

Both of them are doing well in their studying. However, tradition is putting their health at risk as residents rely on the marsh water not only for their livelihoods but to drink, cook, clean and wash with. It has 12 houses comprising of 75 people. Videos Reviews Comments More Info. Women have to walk on steep path to reach this spring. The LFCT is delighted to share some exciting news about the future of its widow support programme in Iraq with the Trusts dedicated supporters.

Tahoun al char Saison 2 Episode 1 – hellocoton. Of course the family had no choice but to go ahead with the procedure to save their little son, Ali. They have to walk on mountain slippery track daily to get water. Appeal to the Lady Fatemah A.

Adaptation of good hygiene practices at the household and community levels. Water is fetched by hand from these remote locations. Thank you for giving Mwanaisha a chance today. The school is one of the best academic schools in Kerbala with good principals and staff. Water will be pumped to the houses with 63 help of electric pump.


May Mohammed Raza lives in Lucknow in India with his wife and family, two daughters and a son. In spite of her complicated life, Nour is an intelligent and jovial person, always seeing he god in any situation.

They could triple or even quadruple their income easily. The naked flame from the lamp is extremely dangerous, often burning nearby clothes, and books.

Here water will be pumped from water point down below the village at a distance of feet. Project Linkage At present, in the project area there is not any Governmental or NGO Organization conveyed and involved tf the carrying out of potable and safe water supplies.

Project reports [monthly and quarterly] Client meetings. The marshlands are largely unserved by NGOs and the government, meaning daily life without even the most basic amenities for its residents. Carla Hall – TV.

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Two children are suffering from skin diseases in their ears. It comprises of 12 houses with 65 people living there.

He has been granted admission in Universidad de Granada, in Spain. This device will help him to walk again without any help from a wheelchair. You can make a donation by using our secure on-line payment facility at https: We pray to Allah to quench your thirst at Hoze Kausar in Qiamat.

She wanted to remain a strong role model for her children. LFCT donors are requested to donate generously towards this UNIQUE projects towards operational expenses whilst it becomes established and moves towards full self-sustainability.

Tahoun evil Episode 1 YouTube – anrexim.

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However, as far as linkage with prior or present programme is concerned, the project can be related with a well-being and health programme which saisno already operating in all rural villages of the District. Ali, Fatima and Ramla are achieving in their study even through all of the bad experiences they have had to live with at such a young age. The target group of the project embraces the entire dwellers of the targeted village i.

Kuweruza Head of Dental and a number of guardians and patients. The whole community of the targeted villages is regarded as direct beneficiaries of the project.


Noor and Hiba barely remember their father as they grow up in the shadow of war June Noor and Hiba are orphans aged 12 and nine aulam old. His father is 80 years of age and is suffering from hypertension, and diabetes.


In so doing, the school will zsman longer have to look for the donors and or depend upon saiosn. She has depending upon on the charity of the Trust plus the assistance of her relatives. Although she suffers from a weak immune system, dizziness, fatigue, general weakness and is regularly admitted to hospital Mariam continues to attend school and accumulates good results throughout the year. Charging a small amount for water means the plant can become self-sustaining; Lower infant mortality; higher longevity among community generally; Better health leading to increased ability to earn livelihoods, attend school, increase income and opportunities; An earning opportunity for an entrepreneur within the community who will operate and maintain the system and make it sustainable for continuous marl of safe drinking water; A model scheme that will encourage other communities to take up similar initiatives.

We would like to bring some relief this Ramadan to residents in Lebanon whether they be poor Lebanese families or Syrian refugees. The LFCT continues to support simple, yet vastly expensive — for its poor patients — cataract operations so that hard working individuals may be able to continue working for their families and their future and not have to worry about how they would pay for the operation.

This water is collected from open, saisno ponds, often shared with animals.

A project to provide water to the three villages of Jobwe, Sanani and Anjaani in Pemba was episodde on The water pump was functioning with good capacity until November The only option is to procure two new pumps that will have a great capacity and not be overstretched.

Play next; Play now; They are currently studying km away in Bihar.

The high rate of enrolment in the program reveals the thirst of the community for such services.